Τρίτη 3 Απριλίου 2012


Τα πλέη-οφς είναι παράξενα.. Μέσα από την επίπονη -ψυχολογικά κυρίως- διαδικασία τους έχουν αναδειχτεί παίχτες από το πουθενά, σχήματα και νέοι ρόλοι. Θυμηθείτε τον Καλάθη πέρυσι. και την two-guard lineup του Ζοτς με τον Διαμαντίδη στο "2".  'Η τον Σπανούλη παλιότερα, στη σειρά με τη Σιένα όταν τραυματίστηκε ο 3D. Στην ουσία τότε κέρδισε τη θέση του πόιντ γκαρντ στον Παναθηναϊκό.. Πολλές φορές είναι οι λεγόμενοι role players που λάμπουν, προσφέροντας το κάτι παραπάνω σε αναβαθμισμένο ρόλο. Ποιοί λοιπόν ανέβασαν φέτος το status τους στα πλέη-οφς και θα εξαργυρώσουν το καλοκαίρι? Παραθέτουμε την ανάρτησή μας στο , αγγλιστί γιατί είμαστε και πολύ ..διεθνές μπλογκ. Θενκ γιου..

Nick Kalathess last year performance against Barcelona was an example of a post season-surprise. Giving some players more responsibilities in this period, is part of coachess game plan. And an unexpected problem for the opponent.. Let's take a look at the role players who shined this season..

No6.) Nathan Jawai (14 ppg-7.3 rpg-18/28 2pt ): Jawai was Pashutins central point at Unicss game plan, in order to present something different against Barcelona. The Russian coach increased Jawais minutes on the court and gave him the green light to take the ball in the paint, use his body and finish strong. The Australian giant responded perfectly against a good defensive frontcourt. This style of offense (low tempo, finish deep in the paint) was the main reason that Unics had a balanced transition defense and Barcelona didnt really manage to run in the open court.

No5.) Kostas Kaimakoglou (9.8 ppg-3.8 rpg-10/19fg-20 per game): He is officially Panathinaikoss best power forward. Kaimakoglou, known as one of the players with the biggest IQ in the Greek league showed his guts hitting crucial shots in the crunch time. With ghosts chasing him (after game 2 and David Blues threes) the Greek forward stepped up and shut down Maccabis deadliest perimeter weapon. 

No4.) Devin Smith (14.3 ppg-7.8 rpg-21/41 fg-34.3 per game): Smith is a surprise for Panathinaikoss coaching staff with his ability to hit almost every difficult and important shot. The American forward excelled on defense and offensive boards giving Maccabi a lot of energy being undoubtedly the best small forward in the series. Coach Obradovic must think a lot before putting Saras on Smith again..

No3.) Acie Law (9.3 ppg-2.8 rpg-4.5 apg-1.5 spg-4.0 rcv fouls-22 per game): Laws energy absolutely destroyed Montepaschi at the seriess fourth quarters, giving Ivkovic the opportunity to rest Spanoulis without affecting his teams performance. Laws ability to attack the basket in transition offense gave Olympiakos a big advantage while Pianigianis perimeter defenders just couldnt follow him. The Texas graduate has already won a bigger contract for next year..

No2.) Kyle Hines (14.5 ppg-4.5 rpg-1.5 bpg-3.5 rcv fouls-23/43 fg-22.8 per game) : Hines was simply a dynamite for Olympiakos in this playoff series. Ivkovic played him at center position position, especially in the fourth quarters. Hines took advantage his speed, power and simply destroyed Montepaschis 'light' frontcourt with his points and offensive boards. Technically, Hiness biggest advantage is his ability to defend in the paint and also stay in front of a quick player in the perimeter. Montepaschis guards just couldnt pass Hines and drive to the rim..

No1.) Yogev Ohayon (9.8 ppg-4.5 rpg-3.3 apg-1.8 spg-26.3 per game): Ohayon was Blatts answer in Panathinaikos press defense. The 24 year old guard is probably Maccabis more energetic player and his speed, explosiveness (great first step) and slashing ability gave to Keith Langford an ideal partner in the backcourt. Its obvious that this playoff series can change Ohayons career, just like Kalathes last year..Blatt found a quality guard for next year's team and Obradovic a big problem to solve.   

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  1. Ohayon is probably Maccabis more energetic player and his speed, explosiveness (great first step) and slashing ability gave the opportunity to coach Blutt leaving him on the bench during the last minutes of the fourth game...

  2. dikio exei o palok,sxoliasthke poly asxhma sto israel auth h kinhsh tou blat