Κυριακή 19 Φεβρουαρίου 2012

The outsider's passion.. (english version)


Big game,a real streetfight between two of the Euroleague's best teams. Also a cruel game of chess between two great young coaches.

The crucial points and their strategy

Real took advantage it's size on the court from the start. Laso put the ball on Kyle Singler in the post against Navarro,an area were the 22 year old ex-Blue Devil thrived at the college due to his size and fundamentally playing. It was obvious that Barcelona had a problem with this. Suareth was the secong wing player who took the ball in the post,succesfully against Mickael and Eidson. Also Miroslav Begic had a great 1st half on both ends of the court. Pasqual answered with a tested plan,trying to elide Sergio Rodriguez from his teammates and Real team-offense. Pianigiani show the way,Katsikaris did this almost perfectly. It seemed that in Madrid had work on this, although their best creator had to face one of Europe best perimeter defenders,Victor Sada. ''Merenges'' keep a great spacing on offense and they adjusted well although Laso change Singler with Carroll on the ''2'' spot to put more pressure to the oppontent's defense. The attacking-to the defense-style of ex-Gran Canaria's off guard didn't work and put nervous to Real. Sergio Lull was decisive on that point, scoring important points either with good look or driving straight to the rim.

Barcelona get in for the second half with determinasion emanating from his no-prisoners defense based on Sada's on the ball pressure and with the strategy of ''deny'' -after the half court-the pass to the closest opponent's player. Erazem Lorbek was crusial on that point for the Katalounians offense. Playing in the same side of the floor with Navarro,either posting or going for pick ' n pop situation with N'Dong on the weak side,Pasqual's team reduce the difference to 1 point (51-52). Merenges put Mirotic on Lorbek,trying to defend in from of him in 3/4 position covering the inside pass with his long arms but Barcelona stayed close. That was Jaycee Carroll's moment. He took over, attacking straight to Navarro and taking advantage of Laso's double or triple screens in the baseline. Carroll was a ''beast'' giving a terrific performance till the end of the game scoring continiously with a textbook release. Pasqual give an order to the free throw defender to chuck up his player and guard Carroll immediatelly when he receives the ball after the screens -with the rest making the defense rotation-but Laso convey the ball inside and Madridistas raise their difference to huge hights. Real Madrid won fairly with it's passion,the outsider's passion, and it's stubbornness from the latest bad results. They played excellent defense on Navarro who made more damage as a creator than as a score. Lull ( took the MVP trophy) and Carroll combined for 45 points destroing Barcelona's offense. Congratulations,but that was only a very important battle not the war..We are looking forward for the ACB's games..

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