Τρίτη 21 Φεβρουαρίου 2012

Euroleague latest power rankings: The Pirates of the Iberian

The Pirates of the Iberian

Montepaschi attacked,robbed and sank the Spanis boats,taking the No1 seat in our Euroleague latest power rankings..

1. Montepaschi Siena (4-0):Pirates of the Iberian.. In the only group that the possibilities for the 1st place were split 50-50, Montepaschi runs a 4-0 record and +20.3 average difference with the Spaniards. Given it's toughness, Montepaschi is clearly the best defensive team in European basketball today. 

2. CSSKA Moscow (3-1): Felt from No1 after the season start with the loss in Turkey. CSSKA remains the No1 favorite for the title for every decent bookmaker.. Usually a loss like this in Turkey may be more useful than a perfect record in the end of the road. 

3. Regal Barcelona (4-0): Although the 4-0 record Barcelona has not convince us. Something is missing from its game. Huertas has slow down while Eidson will miss the next 3-4 weeks and this a serious problem. Many ups & downs through a 40 minute game. Pasqual has a lot of work to do cause ACB champs cant afford to show up so indolent in the post season.

4. Panathinaikos (3-1): Panathinaikos faces stability problems with some of his players but this is an every-year phenomenon. Obradovic is in a good shape and thats the most important parameter. 

5. OSFP Piraeus (2-2): Olympiakos is now one of the most dangerous opponents for the 1st row favorites. Youth, Chemistry, defense. Joey Dorsey's presence changed many things. Give a credit to coach Ivkovic. He transformed the Reds from one man's team to everyone's team.. 

6. Gescrap BB (2-2): Glory days for BB. After two epic wins against Real Katsikariss team took a serious lead and waits a tired and full of celebrations (after the Coppa Italia) Montepaschi at Bilbao arena. BB is an organization on stable progress to the top.

7. GS Medical Park (2-2): The game against Csska change it's status and stimulate their belief before the big final at Piraeus. This is the game which determine this outstanding underdog's fate. Oktay Mahmuti is a serious contender for the coach of the year award.

8. Unics Kazan (3-1): They need to work their offense especially on Domercants cold-nights. Thats a must do on this high-level if they want to qualify. Well watch them on the last two critical games..

9. Maccabi Electra (2-2): Something is wrong with Maccabi. They won Cantu taking advantage an outbreak and the momentum, not by playing something specific. Blatt is working to solve his problems in the point guard position and the details of his new contract. This week match to Cantu and next weeks to Kazan can put Maccabi to heaven or hell..

10. Bennet Cantu (2-2): The fact that as it seems- it holds its future in its own hands makes them successful. Cantu is a real team. Goes for the big one against Barcelona with Perkins in the roster.

11. Real Madrid (2-2): Its from the moments you feel stupid, wasting an incredible first half of season in a week. The two losses from BB help Lasos team to concentrate, dig and win the Spanish Cup but lets be honest. Their future in the Euroleague depends on other peoples hands.

12. Anadolu Efes (1-3): Big investment in a pivotal year to be manage from an inexperienced coach. Efes totally disappointed in two games against the young and fresh Olympiakos team. The Turkish didnt really get on a rhythm through the season.

13. Fenerbahce Ulker (1-3): This years Fener is one of Spahijas most moderate works. Simply a confused team without clear orientation and benchmarks in their game.

14. EA7 EmporioArmani (1-3): EA7 has snuggle its game after Bremer addition. They have depth at guards, better ball movement and more quality in their offense. Maybe if Hairston was healthy from the start of top-16 Scariolo's team would have a better chance to qualify.

15. Zalgiris Kaunas (0-4): Something has to change in Zalgiris if they want to be competitive in a really high level. And I dont talk about the players or the coach..

16. Unicaja Malaga (0-4): I will say it for one more time. Brose Baskets was an overall better team..

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  1. ολα τα λεφτα Η ΦΩΤΟ ΣΠΑΡΟΟΥ

  2. i would changes seats to between Medical park and BB.. Great analysis. Montepaschi will be at the F4 so CSSKA too. I love the way Olympiakos improved the last month and the way the play on defense. But it will be dificult for them in Italy.

  3. θα εστιασω στη μπαρτσελονα.εχω φτασει στο σημειο να παρακαλαω να πεσουμε (παναθηναικος ειμαι)παλι μαζι της για της κοψουμε μια και καλη τον αερα.ειναι αχρωμη και δε το λεω για το οτι εγινε στο κυπελλο.φετος ειναι μια σκαλα κατωτερη απο τα αλλα χρονια παρα το γεγονος οτι οι λιγες μεταγραφες τις ηταν εξαιρετικες.η μακαμπι που θεωρητικα με πλεονεκτημα για μας θα ειναι πιο ευκολη για μας,θεωρω οτι ειναι πιο επιφιβη.ειναι πιο σκληρη και εχει καρδια.ειναι απροβλεπτη στα πλεηοφ.αναμενω βελτιωση του διαμαντιδη αμεσα.


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    1. Οχι..Δε μας έχει συνηθίσει σε τέτοια πολιτική.Θα ψάξει τη καλύτερη δυνατή πρόταση,είτε από ομάδα που συνεχίζει Ευρωλίγκα είτε έχει υψηλούς στόχους στο πρωτάθλημά της.Ας περιμένουμε λίγο..Κρατάει η μπογιά του ακόμα

  6. Kalispera!! Sygxaritiria gia to blog xana... Toso kairo grafw anwnyma.. Par'ola auta apantas! Tespa me lene kosta.
    Mono egw thewrw ton obradovic toso kolimeno? Einai theos! O kalyteros alla eleos... Thelei na to parei me ta psemmata..
    Kai kati allo... Fetos o pao paizei pio epithetika. Einai tyxaio pou o diamantidis exei neura? An parathrhseis exei allaxei ardhn to paixnidi tou pao. Den ton paei ton mhtso auto kai faimetai entona... Mono se mena fainetai h emfash sthn epithesi?

    1. κώστα ευχαριστώ. Διαφωνώ για την ''εμφανή'' στροφή στην επίεση. Οταν χάνεις έναν τόσο καλό αμυντικό παίκτη όπως ο Φώτσης και έναν γκαρντ που ήξερε απ'έξω -μετά από τόσο καιρό- τις θέσεις του στην άμυνα και φέρνεις δύο νέα παιδιά που δεν ακριβώς ''έξπερτ'' σε αυτό το κομμάτι είναι φυσικό να μην αποδίδεις το ίδιο. Γράφουμε σχετικά στην επόμενη ανάρτηση..